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The HD touchscreen interface based on the Android operating system, is familiar, intuitive and can be completely personalised.

Three different access levels:

Displays the machine manuals and enables the cleaning/rinsing cycles of the various circuits of the fullyautomatic machine to be run.
Displays the statistics and makes it possible to set the quantities for the drinks being brewed.
Complete access to all the essential machine parameters.

Three different operating modes:

The selected products are placed in a queue. It is possible for any drink on the list thus created to be brewed earlier or later or to be cancelled or new drinks added.
Water and steam can be delivered simultaneously with coffee or milk.
Customers can prepare one drink at a time on their own without the support of the bar staff.

NEXT Pure Coffee
Coffee and Hot Water.
Featuring stylish ergonomic design, the Egro NEXT is intuitive, easy to use and to clean.
NEXT Quick Milk
Coffee, Hot Water and Milk.
Featuring stylish ergonomic design, the Egro NEXT is intuitive, easy to use and to clean.
NEXT Top Milk
Coffee, Milk and Hot Water. 
Featuring stylish ergonomic design, the Egro NEXT is intuitive, easy to use and to clean.
Dura Brew is the self-lubrificating sealed system (an Egro LAB patent) requiring little maintenance and thus reducing the overall running cost of the machine.
Self Adjusting Grinder
Self-Adjusting Grinder, a smart algorithm-based self-regulating
system, is capable of correcting any in-cup quality alterations caused by such uncontrollable external factors as the state of preservation of the coffee and climatic conditions.
Automatic Spout
The optional automatic spout adjusts the height of the brewing spout to suit the drink selected and fit the type of cup used. The two spout parts, which were in food contact are easy to remove to facilitate normal cleaning.
Cold Milk Foam
Cold Milk Foam (CMF) is a system that enables a cold milk foam to be automatically prepared for any type of drink. There is also a choice of three different types of foam that can be pre-set by the technician.

Optional on:
Quick-Milk Fridge
A real refrigerating unit with smaller dimensions and with great aesthetics impact. Its housing is made from lightweight yet hardwearing materials; the stainless steel door has a brushed finish and its storage capacity is equivalent to 4 liters, making the Quick-Milk Fridge the most satisfactory solution for storing and dispensing milk in an extremely practical manner.

Optional on:
iSteam heats and froths the milk automatically enabling operators
to obtain just the right mix of steam and air to meet their needs
every time. By adjusting the consistency of the foam and the final
temperature of the in-cup product directly on the touchscreen interface, it is possible to program and automate preparation of personalised
drinks of all kinds.

iSteam Plus further improves the performance of the steam wand for heating the milk. Specially designed for locations with high consumption of steamed milk.
Connect is the remote system, enabling the operator to monitor all the operations of a single fully automatic machine or of a whole set of machines. This makes it possible to adjust preferred settings for the various drinks, check the levels for beans, milk and waste drawer to notify the operator, analyse consumption statistics and read any messages relating to technical assistance and maintenance.

On request, Egro NEXT can be supplied with a number of optional solutions: a payment system using external devices, remote order management, a secure payment function with Image Echo, and many more besides.
LED Lights
The ample work surface which gives the barista plenty of operating space is lit by white LED lights.
Option Self
For user-friendly self-service. Egro NEXT machines can be configured for professional self-service use. By choosing the option Self the machine will be delivered with lock package (locking Bean Hoppers, Door for Coffee Drawer, Powder Inlet and USB port). The option Self is without steam wand and is not configured for double shots. Additionally, a central hot water outlet (see picture) as well as an ejection device for waste coffee may be selected. Thanks to small cup positioners the user can always place the cup correctly under the outlet. Furthermore, the user interface is self-explanatory and easy to use. With its optional payment systems the NEXT Self is ideal for use in all self-service areas.
Powder Module
The external Powder Module enables a great variety for drinks with all sorts of flavours to be made. Using the interface, the ingredients can be selected and the product personalised. Using the settings entered,
Egro NEXT automatically mixes the ingredientswith water and then delivers the beverage directly from the spout of the machine.from the spout of the machine.
Cup Warmer
The NEXT coffee machines are available with a spacious cup warmer that has three convenient shelves and a thermostat for regulating the temperature.
Frigo 6.5 Lt
The 6.5 litre fridge with an external temperature display and a
capacitive sensor for milk level control is available with the Multi-
Milk Selection option enabling two types of milk to be used. As
optional, also for external fridges, TOP-MILK version can be
provided with patented pressure sensor for timely, accurate milk level control (Egro LAB patented system).
Egro NEXT can be set up with a milk pump unit (SMPU) for the use
of external refrigeration units placed underneath the bar counter.

Optional on:
Cool Touch
The Cool-touch steam wand is insulated from the hightemperature part, allowing the operator to work in complete comfort and safety.
Milk Line Rinsing
Egro NEXT provides a fast, simple guided daily-cleaning cycle. The machine uses mains water for filling the cleaning container inside the fridge. The cleaning process is supported by the touch interface and giudes the operator through the cleaning  All the user has to do is placing the detergent in the right compartment and change the containers. te standard set-up for Milk Line Rinsing is cold rinsing and air blow-out afterwards.
Milk Line Rinsing A standard option of the milk system is cold rinsing and blow out with air afterwards. This option applies to the entire almost all of the milk circuit, fully reflecting the health and hygiene features of Egro products. (Egro LAB patented system).

Standard on:
iButton is the touchscreen interface option that can be used to give customers some extra information on the product they have chosen, for example its nutritional value and the origin of its ingredients. It can also give operators some practical instructions to guide them as they prepare drinks.
Multiple Screen
Multiple Screen mode offers different configurations that can be personalised and programmed at will. This is an extremely useful function for hotels as, for example, it can be set up for self-service at breakfast time and returned to the traditional system for lunch.
Multi Drink
Multi Drink software acts as a guide for operators as they prepare each drink. Just a few simple clicks make it possible to select the drink size, coffee blend and milk type, adjust the quantity of coffee and the variety of powder products. Multi Drink is an option that can be used for all available drinks or just selected ones.
4 TEA providing different programmable water temperatures and dosages for tea and other herbal infusions.
The FUM 4 litre fridge located below the machine for greater space optimisation; with patented pressure sensor for timely, accurate control (Egro LAB patented system).
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