ONE Keypad has a user-friendly 10-key keypad for selecting 5, 9 or 16 drinks. The drinks selection graphics can be easily customized by the user. The LCD display enables the barista to check on the serving progress and the status of machine's functions.
Extreme flexibility for refined performances »
Perfect coffee every time, outstanding performance, amazingly compact, excellent design and advanced ergonomics: it is the new Egro ONE, the fully-automatic coffee machine that becomes the new benchmark in its class. An easy user interface with new technology ensures the operation of the machine.
ONE Keypad has a user-friendly 10-key keypad for selecting 5, 9 or 16 drinks.
The drinks selection graphics can be easily customized by the user. The LCD display enables the barista to check on the serving progress and the status of machine’s functions.
ONE KEYPAD Pure-Coffee
Coffee, Hot Water and C-Lever Steam
Keypad User Interface
Coffee, Hot Water and Milk
Keypad User Interface
Coffee, Hot Water, C-Lever Steam and Milk
Keypad User Interface
The international spirit of Egro ONE is underscored by the enhanced brewing group in stainless steel 18 grams, created for the specific purpose of enabling the preparation of coffee beverages in perfect American and North European style. The brewing unit boasts a revolutionary patented hermetic closing system, which requires less maintenance and reduces the overall running costs of the machine.
Self Adjusting Grinder

The Automatic regulation
of the grinder is based on
an algorithm capable of
correcting any variation in the
in-cup coffee quality caused
by external factors beyond the
barista's control, such as coffee
storage, weather conditions,
internal coffee machine
temperature and usage times.
The algorithm comes into play
to keep the duration of the
brewing time constant. Based
on the recognised parameters,
the grinder self-adjusts its
coffee bean grinding. The Self
Adjusting Grinder is therefore to
ensure that the machine delivers
a consistent brewing quality at
all times.

Standard on:

ONE KEYPAD Pure-Coffee

Automatic Spout
It is a motorised system that
adapts to the height of the
brewing spout according to
the beverage selected and,
consequently, the cup being
used ensuring a rapid and
accurate service. Particularly
suitable for self-service areas,
the Automatic Spout assures a
set and clean work surface at all
Powder Inlet
Maximum flexibility. The ONE has a practical inlet for pre-ground coffee that offers even more ways to use your machine. For example, this feature can be used for serving decaffeinated coffee.
Milk System
The New Milk System offers customers the possibility to choose from a vast range of milk solutions, specially studied to satisfy the multitude of commercial formats operating in the Ho.Re.Ca sales channel. The new dispensing spout, consisting of a single component that is easy to remove and take apart into two pieces, ensures perfect hygiene. Now regulated by means of appropriate software, the temperature and consistency of milk-based beverages are parameters that may easily be set up and modified by a technician in the maximum configuration ONE Top-Milk XP. The patented MLR (Milk Line Rinsing) system makes it possible to effect and to set a rapid rinsing phase with the aid of cold water and air, which safeguards the environment and reduces electricity consumption. The quick and simple daily washing cycle has been automated to such an extent that the barista just has to add the detergent.
Cold Milk Foam

The patented Cold Milk Foam
system has been conceived
to prepare full automatically
creamy cold milk based
beverages. It is possible to
create three types of milk foam
density according to the preset
configuration of the products.
Thanks to the Cold Milk Foam
system, it is possible to prepare
low calorie desserts, as well as
a variety of chocolate powder
drinks or cold syrups with cold
milk foam. A quick and instant
rinsing system guarantees
an extraordinary brewing
performance at all times

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Fridge KS9
Egro ONE Top-Milk XP NMS has an innovative fridge equipped with a convenient external display, which is supplied as a standard feature. The new Fridge, whose storage capacity is equivalent to 6.5 litres, is supplied with a capacitive sensor to accurately monitor the milk level in the tank. With the Multi-Milk Selection add-on, the user may operate with two different kinds of milk to satisfy the most demanding palates. All configurations offered with the ONE Top-Milk XP NMS version allow for the refrigeration unit to be positioned under the counter, if so desired.
Fridge Under Machine
The space offered by a bar
counter is often limited and the
operator may not have enough
room to work comfortably in.
For this reason, a more effective
arrangement of equipment
and work tools may represent
a turnaround solution. It is
with this objective in mind that
Egro LAB has developed a new
solution for a space-saving
refrigerator positioned under
the machine and equipped
with a 4-litre milk tank. A new
milk level sensor, developed
and patented by Egro Lab,
monitors and measures the milk
level to considerably reduce
waste. Moreover, the sensor
recognizes the exact quantity
of milk necessary to guarantee
the production of the beverage
requested. The milk level is
visible on the touch screen
display (only on Egro ONE Top
Milk XP) and selection of the
milk-based beverage will not be
consented if there is not enough
milk to make it.

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Quick-Milk Fridge
A real refrigerating unit with smaller dimensions and with great aesthetics impact. Its housing is made from lightweight yet hardwearing materials; the stainless steel door has a brushed finish and its storage capacity is equivalent to 4 liters, making the Quick-Milk Fridge the most satisfactory solution for storing and dispensing milk in an extremely practical manner.
This new totally automatic steam wand allows milk to be heated and frothed using a mix of steam and air, until a soft and remarkably compact foam is obtained. The innovative valve system makes it the fastest and most powerful steam wand on the market. Two customizable buttons (Cappuccino and Latte) make steaming "barista" quality milk as simple as pushing a button. "Cappuccino" is to heat and froth the milk; "Latte" to heat the milk only. Fine tuning the foam's texture and volume is possible with six emulsion levels per button. When the programmed temperature is reached, the iSteam stops automatically. The iSteam software measures the starting temperature of the milk and automatically adjusts the air throughout the steaming process to deliver the highest quality foam. The special stainless steel covering is heat-insulated to make it cool to the touch and extremely easy to clean.
C-Lever with Cool Touch
The new steam wand Cool Touch, thermally insulated thanks to a double protective coating, eliminates the risk of possible accidental contacts due to high operating temperatures. The innovative steam outlet has an ergonomic and contemporary design that well fits the extreme class of Egro product line.
The peculiarity of this special feature is the outstanding manageability and practicality ensured to the user.
The new steam valve with a special control knob and ergonomic design is completed with open-stay and open-close functions. The valve has a very short travel distance, and is operated by rotating it just 25°. Turning it clockwise, it opens and remains in this position. Turned counter-clockwise, it automatically closes when released. Rapidity, precision and ergonomics: maximum user comfort for daily tasks.
LED Lights
The drink delivery area is illuminated by multi-colored LED lights. As well as looking fantastic, the colours are also associated with different functions:
blue - the machine is ready,
white - dispensing drinks,
red - the machine is not ready,
green - perform a step in the daily cleaning process.
Option Self
For user-friendly self-service. Egro ONE machines can be configured for professional self-service use. By choosing the option Self the machine will be delivered with lock package (locking Bean Hoppers, Door for Coffee Drawer, Powder Inlet and USB port). The option Self is without steam wand and is not configured for double shots. Additionally, a central hot water outlet (see picture) as well as an ejection device for waste coffee may be selected. Thanks to small cup positioners the user can always place the cup correctly under the outlet. Furthermore, the user interface is self-explanatory and easy to use. With its optional payment systems the ONE Self is ideal for use in all self-service areas.
Powder Module
The Powder Module allows for the management of a great number of beverages in powder form. It is an external device positioned on the right hand side of the machine and consists of two hoppers that may either be used with one powder or may operate separately with different aromatized, spiced, caramelized, chocolate-based and milk powders. An alternative high-performing solution that is well suited to all those venues wishing to offer their customers an increasingly varied and exhaustive choice of beverages.
Up to 120 chocolate/hour.
Cup Warmer
The ONE coffee machines are available with a spacious cup warmer that has three convenient shelves and a thermostat for regulating the temperature.
Payment Systems
The ONE can be fitted with a variety of payment systems:
- Coin acceptor
- Change giver
- Smart Card Reader
- Customized payment system
- Connection to external registration systems
Online Label Creator
The online labels creator is easy and rapid to use. It gives the possibility to customize the interface of your Egro ONE Keypad.
Drag and drop the icons and define the name of your favorite beverages.

Online Label Creator
Multi Drink Software
To enable you to personalize
your recipes easily and create
a wide range of products, Egro
LAB has developed Multi Drink
Software. This new software
allows you to select different
cup sizes, different bean, milk
and powder types from a series
of progressive menus. This
new approach speeds up and
facilitates selection operations
on self-service machines.
Its design is based on a highly
intuitive interface, while colours,
icons and wording can be
customised. Thanks to Multi
Drink Software, 28 clusters are
available, comprising over 1000
products in 4 different sizes.
By means of an advanced
connectivity system, a machine
setting may be reproduced
in exactly the same way on
other machines, an application
that lends itself, for instance,
to chain stores or self service
areas to guarantee a standard
product and identical service. It
is sufficient to adjust the general
settings and the software will
automatically calculate all the
individual ingredient quantities
of the various beverages.
Simultaneous Product Delivery
Efficient preparation of various drinks. The ONE simultaneously delivers coffee, hot water and steam.
Twin Milk Delivery
The ONE Top-Milk XP NMS delivers two milk products at a time thanks to a dual milk system. The two milk foamers ensure an even delivery of milk when dispensing two products.
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