70 Series
Espresso with extraordinary quality »
The Series 70 focuses on perfect coffee indulgence and brews coffee products to high barista quality thanks to a double chamber brewing unit.
It is the perfect solution for establishments with medium coffee volume and high standards of coffee quality.

7011/7011 SELF Pure-Coffee
Coffee and Hot Water
7011P/7011P SELF Pure-Coffee
Coffee, Hot Water and Steam
Power version
7021/7021 SELF Quick-Milk
Coffee, Hot Water and Milk
7023/7023 SELF Quick-Milk
Coffee, Hot Water and Milk
7025/7025 SELF Top-Milk
Coffee, Hot Water and Milk
7025P/7025P SELF Top-Milk
Coffee, Hot Water and Milk
Power Version
Height Adjustable Outlet
Whether it’s a high latte macchiato glass or an espresso cup: our coffee spout is height adjustable from 65 to 180mm.
Powder Inlet
Maximum flexibility.
The Series 70 has a practical inlet for pre-ground coffee that offers even more ways to use your machine. For example, this feature can be used for serving decaffeinated coffee.
(not available in SELF versions)
Fridge KS9
Milk drink delivery on demand.
The Series 70 Top-Milk is equipped with a 6.5-litre fridge for the milk. So milk drinks can be prepared at the touch of a button. The fridge is easy to use and hygienic thanks to the “MLR” Automatic Milk Line Rinsing system. The fridge offers the options of a heated cup rack, cup rail or a temperature display. Optionally the fridge can be positioned under the counter.
Cool Box 6.5
A simple and practical solution for storing and dispensing milk.
The Series 70 Quick-Milk is also available with a practical 3-litre cool box for storing and dispensing milk. Suitable for establishments with low to medium volume.
Manual Steam Wand
Manual Steam Wand
(not available in SELF versions)
Cup Warmer
The Series 70 coffee machines are available with a spacious cup warmer that has 3 convenient shelves and a thermostat for regulating the temperature. The cup rail is available as an option.
Payment Systems
The Series 70 can be fitted with a variety of payment systems:
- Coin acceptor
- Change giver
- Customized payment system
- External registration system
Intuitive Ergonomics
Versatile and multifunctional, Egro ZERO allows up to 16 different beverages to be programmed, and ensures that every cup is of the highest quality. Egro ZERO is equipped with an intuitive user interface: the backlit keypad with capacitive Touch technology can be activated simply by touching. The Egro ZERO button flashes during the entire brewing process. This attractive, functional detail provides the user with a clear view of the progress of the brewing operation for the selected beverage.
Simultaneous Product Delivery
Efficient preparation of various drinks.
The Series 70 Power Version machines simultaneously deliver coffee, hot water and steam.
(not available in SELF versions)
Twin Milk Delivery
The 7025P delivers two milk products at a time thanks to a dual milk system. The two milk frothers ensure an even delivery of milk when dispensing two products.
(not available in SELF versions)
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