Versatile and multifunctional, Egro ZERO allows up to 17 different beverages to be programmed, and ensures that every cup is of the highest quality. Egro ZERO is equipped with an intuitive user interface: the backlit keypad with capacitive Touch technology can be activated simply by touching.
Egro ZERO has a highly professional milk system, allowing the user to brew a cappuccino or latte macchiato with a soft, dense crema.
Easy to use this online lable creator let to customize your Egro ZERO products Keypad as you prefer! Drag and Drop the icons and define the name of the beverages and if you like you can also add your special icon image.
Versatility and essentiality »
Egro ZERO PLUS allows up to 17 different beverages to be programmed, and ensures that every cup is of the highest quality thanks to:
- Brewing group in stainless steel with 18 grams brew chamber capacity;
- The precise dosage delivers the same quantity of drink in the cup, regardless of the type of brew;
- Grind pulses sensor and stainless steel grinders;
-The new Egro ZERO PLUS volumetric pump enables all extra-large coffee drinks to be prepared
quickly and it is not dependent on mains water pressure;
- Dura Brew, a patented hermetic closing system, which requires less maintenance and reduces the
overall operating costs of the machine.
ZERO Pure-Coffee
Coffee and Hot Water.
Capacitive User Interface with Touch Technology.
ZERO PLUS Quick-Milk
Coffee, Hot Water and Milk.
Capacitive User Interface with Touch Technology.
Egro ZERO PLUS is characterised by precise, reliable, innovative brewing technology. The patented brewing group, in stainless steel, displays a revolutionary hermetic closing system, which requires less maintenance and reduces the overall operating costs of the machine.
Powder Inlet
Maximum flexibility. The ZERO PLUS has a practical inlet for pre-ground coffee that offers even more ways to use your machine. For example, this feature can be used for serving decaffeinated coffee.

Milk System
The dispensing spout, with one of the largest movement ranges on the market, performs all dispensing functions with high-performing efficiency. Egro ZERO PLUS is suitable for the
preparation of milk-based beverages in glasses up to 18 cm high.
Egro ZERO PLUS Quick-Milk can be equipped with a real refrigerating unit, Quick-Milk Fridge (4 Liters storage capacity) or with the Cool Box 6.5 to store the milk with a capacity of more than 6 Liters.

Standard on:
Fridge Under Machine
The Fridge Under Machine is the right solution for locations with limited working area. The capacity of the milk container in the fridge is 4 litres.
Quick-Milk Fridge
A real refrigerating unit with smaller dimensions and with great aesthetics impact. Its housing is made from lightweight yet hardwearing materials; the stainless steel door has a brushed finish and its storage capacity is equivalent to 4 liters, making the Quick Milk Fridge the most satisfactory solution for storing and dispensing milk in an extremely practical manner.

Optional on:
Manual Steam Wand
Manual Steam Wand
Option Self
Option Self
Powder Hoppers
With this option, Egro ZERO PLUS allows you to quickly prepare all kinds of chocolate beverages: hot milk chocolate, fondant chocolate, white, spiced and caramel chocolate.
Power Saving
In full compliance with the European EuP directive (Energy-using Products), Egro ZERO PLUS ensures reduced energy consumption, thanks to the use of insulated boilers and consumption levels in standby mode of less than 0.5 W, with the aim of improving environmental performance throughout the product’s life-cycle.
USB Port
Easily accessible simply by opening the front panel, Egro ZERO PLUS is fitted with a USB port, which allows the technician to quickly check the machine’s vital parameters and manage the functional data directly from a PC, for greater ergonomics and speed of use.
Online Label Creator
The online labels creator is easy and rapid to use. It gives the possibility to customize the interface of your Egro ZERO PLUS.
Drag and drop the icons and define the name of your favorite beverages.

Online Label Creator
Self-Service Option
Egro ZERO PLUS is particularly well-suited to self-service applications, thanks to the priority given to the work area ergonomics. White LED lights ensure greater comfort and ease of use, illuminating the whole beverage preparation area. If the self-service option is chosen, the machine will be delivered complete with a special locking kit, to ensure secure use. Moreover, small guides make it easy for the user to position the cup correctly below the brewing group.

Intuitive Ergonomics
Versatile and multifunctional, Egro ZERO PLUS allows up to 17 different beverages to be programmed, and ensures that every cup is of the highest quality. Egro ZERO PLUS is equipped with an intuitive user interface: the backlit keypad with capacitive Touch technology can be activated simply by touching. The Egro ZERO PLUS button flashes during the entire brewing process. This attractive, functional detail provides the user with a clear view of the progress of the brewing operation for the selected beverage.
Work Area Lighting
Working area lighting
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