BEATS sustainability report
Our surrounding area, local communities and people. Our Sustainability Report reflects this commitment and publishes the results: from engagement projects with our customers to the various educational activities addressing schools, also comprising the policies focused on quality, environmental issues and safety concerns, which inspire our work team to continually better their achievements, both in terms of technological progress and manufacturing objectives.

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Rancilio Group - Sustainability Report 2014/2015
Rancilio Group - Sustainability Report 2013
Rancilio Group - Sustainability Report 2012
BEATS code of conduct
We of Rancilio Group are committed to viewing rules and regulations as opportunities, rather than restrictions or prohibitions. Tools enabling us to do our job effectively and to excel on the market, day after day. This consideration has prompted us to draw up a Code of Ethics: guidelines we adopt and observe on a daily basis while doing our job.

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Code of Conduct
NOI magazine
NOI is an editorial project which was set up with the precise objective of sharing what we are and what we do, together with our desire for constant innovation and improvement, with all of our stakeholders. The magazine is regularly published every four months in Italian and English and addresses an internal and external target. It therefore makes a fundamental contribution to building that particular sense of belonging and cohesion which enables us to create team building and work with greater awareness towards shared objectives of a more broad-based nature.

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NOI Magazine August 2017
NOI Magazine June 2016
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The Spirit of Excellence