Rules for the Prize Competition "How to win a Rancilio Silvia machine in three moves" »
Discover the Rules for the  Latte Art Competition to win a personalized limited edition of Rancilio Silvia
Pursuant to Article 11 of Italian Presidential Decree 430 of 26 October 2001.

Organising Company: Rancilio Group S.p.A., sole shareholder
Registered office address: Viale della Repubblica 40 - 20015 Villastanza di Parabiago (MI)
VAT number and tax code: 09784580152
Purpose and products promoted: To promote the brand and sales of Rancilio brand products.
Duration: From 20/10/17 to 22/10/17
Location: Regional, City of Milan.
Participants: Adult natural persons (hereafter "Entrant/s").
Prize money: Euro 2.202,00 (including VAT)
Surety: Surety guaranteeing the stated prize money (pursuant to Article 7 paragraph 2 of D.P.R [Italian Presidential Decree] 430 of 26 October 2001), beneficiary the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.
Promotional material: This competition will be advertised online. The Organising Company reserves the right to advertise this competition in the ways it considers most suitable. In all circumstances this competition will be advertised in compliance with the rules set out herein.
Publication of the rules: The complete set of rules will be available on the website

1. Competition
It will be possible to enter this prize competition, with no obligation to purchase any products, during the period in which the trade fair Host Milano takes place, from 20/10/17 to 24/10/17.
Once they have received the appropriate invitation via e-mail, Entrants to the competition should access the link provided in the invitation and register by filling in the form.

To enter the competition the following information must be provided:

• First name and surname
• Valid e-mail address
• Mobile number
• Company name
• Job title
• Internal reference for the Rancilio Group.

Entrants registering with information other than that contained in their personal identity document may cause their registration to be invalid for the purpose of winning the competition or this may prevent their entry to the competition.
Entry to this competition is subject to the prior provision of personal information, full acceptance of the rules and consent to the publication of photographic and/or video material associated with participation in this competition.

In order to select the eventual prize winners, the Latte Art designs will be judged by a properly qualified committee whose members will declare the best entry for the particular round.

2. Competition format
• During round one all the Entrants will be divided into pairs and they will compete with all the others.
The competition judge Pietro Vannelli will then draw from a pack a card containing a Latte Art design which he will show to all the contestants who then have to recreate it.
The contestants will be given a deadline for completing the design.
The card drawn will be permanently removed from the pack and it may not be drawn again.
At the end of the first round, the judge will eliminate the member of each pair who has performed the worst.
The remaining contestants will move on straight to round two of the competition consisting of the same format as round one but a new card will be drawn from the pack of Latte Art designs.

• Round three of the competition will involve the remaining contestants from the first two rounds. The contestants will be asked to recreate one of judge Pietro Vannelli's masterpieces, his famous bear cub.

The duration of round three will depend on the number of contestants and once this time has elapsed, the judge, together with two other experts, will assess the designs and award them a score between 0 and 10 for:

- Technique
- Execution of the design
- Taste

The contestant with the highest points score will be the overall winner of the whole competition and will win the prize.

3. Competition theme
The theme of the competition is the creation of Latte Art designs according to the criteria of faithfulness, accuracy and precision using Rancilio brand products.

4. Exclusions from entry
Employees of the Organising Company are excluded from entry to the competition.

5. Competition entry and limits
Only adult natural persons may enter the competition.
Each Entrant may only take part once (1 time) and may only win a maximum of one (1) prize.

6. Organising Company's rights
The Organising Company reserves the right to publish on its social networks and website all the material produced in connection with the competition and which it considers suitable for promoting the event. Publication of any photographs may not be considered to have any influence on the award of prizes.

7. Contestants' responsibilities
Entrants take part in the competition on their own volition as expressed by filling in and submitting the entry form. Entrants accept all responsibility in this regard by stating that they are adult and that they have read and accepted all the rules.

In particular, they are required to state and guarantee:
• That the information provided is true and if it is not, that the Entrant is aware, should any violation be revealed, that s/he will be immediately disqualified from the competition and any winning award withdrawn.
• That the undersigned Entrant is aware that by taking part in the competition s/he undertakes to grant the Organising Company the right to film and/or photograph that Entrant for the entire duration of the event.
• That the Organising Company is completely free to publish any photographic or video material created by that Company or those appointed by it during the event. Such material may be published, reproduced, circulated and distributed by online communication, in the press, on websites, at events or in public places and the Organising Company may associate the material in question with its brands and its promotional activities.
• If the undersigned Entrant is a winner s/he states that s/he waives any right to ask the Organising Company for compensation for any image rights or rights associated with any photographs or film clips published online or using any other transmission media or technology both present and future.

8. Method for awarding prizes
A suitably qualified committee selected by the Organising Company has the inalienable and undisputed right to assess the designs produced by the contestants.
On completion of the assessment process, the committee will declare the first-place winner.

9. Prizes to be won and description
Description of prize Quantity Individual trade value (excluding VAT) Total trade value (excluding VAT)
Rancilio Silvia coffee machine 3 734,00 2.202,00

10. Market value of prizes
The overall prize value is calculated as Euro _____ (excluding VAT). The market value of the prizes is to be taken as the value on the date the competition rules were compiled.

11. Winner notification
The Organising Company undertakes to inform any winners immediately after completion of the full competition session.

12. Documents required
The following documents are required:
• Exhibition of a valid ID document.

13. Prize award
The prize will be awarded immediately after the judging process has been completed.

14. Prize delivery period
The deadline for delivery of the prizes is within 6 (six) months from the end of the promotional event or from the date on which any prize was claimed, as set out in D.P.R. 430 of 26/10/2001.

15. Unassigned prizes
Any prizes not assigned or unclaimed, will be presented to the not-for-profit fostering La Ruota" Soc. Coop. Sociale – Via Sansovino 10 – 20015 Parabiago (MI) – CF: 01731430128

16. Payment of IRPEF*
The Organising Company undertakes to pay IRPEF* under the terms of and to the value provided for by Article 30 of D.P.R. 600 of 29/09/1973.
* Italian income tax

17. Prize rejection
Should any winners expressly reject their prize, it will remain the property of the Organising Company.

18. Further terms and conditions
Participation in this prize competition is conditional on full acceptance of the rules which can be consulted on the website.
Entry to this prize competition is free.
In order to validate the competition winner, Entrants to the contest must hold a valid ID document.

19. Privacy information
Any personal data provided by consumers in order to take part in the competition, will be processed, on paper or electronically, for the purposes of the competition and, if required, for any of the appropriate purposes as set out in the information that can be consulted on the website for the promotion accessible via the link Entrants are invited to read the information at the aforementioned address.

20. Guarantees and undertakings
The Organising Company reserves the right to prevent entry to the competition or to cancel the winning status of any Entrants not participating in good faith using, for example, false identity, multiple entries with different e-mail addresses or multiple prizes.

The images and colours of the prizes shown on all promotional material are purely indicative.

Rancilio is official sponsor of the Italian Baristi Championship Cafeteria at SIGEP Rimini 2018  »
Rancilio Group will be one of the protagonists of SIGEP Rimini 2018, both as an exhibitor and in its role as official sponsor of the Italian Barista Championship Cafeteria (CIBC), acknowledged by the WCE (World Coffee Events) and promoted by the Speciality Coffee Association.
An opportunity to taste prized blends on the Rancilio Group stand at SIGEP Rimini 2018 »
From 20 to 24 January, Rancilio Group will be in Rimini for SIGEP 2018, the trade fair organized by the Italian Exhibition Group.
The Rancilio Group’s European tour, from Horecava Amsterdam to the Vienna Coffee Festival »
As we look forward to SIGEP Rimini, the first appointments of the year are Horecava in Amsterdam and the Vienna Coffee Festival.
The comeback of newsstands starts from Milan, with newspapers and quality coffee »
Rancilio Group is one of the partners of Edicola 2.0 Bistrot, businessman Mimmo Lobello's new project that was presented to the public amidst the skyscrapers of the City Life district.
Rancilio Group at SIGEP Rimini 2018 »
Five days in the company of the most prestigious brands of the Made in Italy cachet, while enjoying the Finals of the Italian Baristas Championship and the return of the "Coffee House", Rancilio Group's convivial stand.
Rancilio presents the “Barista dell’anno” prize at Barawards 2017 »
The date is set for Monday 11 December at the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan for an exclusive event starring the champions of the catering and hospitality industry.
Guided visits to the Officina Rancilio 1926 during the "Settimana della Cultura d'Impresa" »
Once again it is time for our annual appointment with Museimpresa, the Association promoted by Assolombarda and Confindustria.
Rancilio Group at Microsoft’s Deutsche Partnerkonferenz »
Microsoft brought together all its partners for the Deutsche Partnerkonferenz (DPK17) in Leipzig.
Rancilio Group exhibits at the International Café Show of Seoul in partnership with ENR Coffee  »
The new fully automatic Egro Next model was presented to the Asian market at the sixteenth edition of the Korean trade fair event.
IGEHO 2017 in Basel – from 18 to 22 November 2017 »
IGEHO is widely acclaimed as the most important international trade fair for the hospitality, food and catering industries, and the nursing home services in Switzerland. It is here that trade professionals gather to seek new input and let themselves be amazed and seduced. A place to celebrate and experience hospitality.
HOST Milan 2017 »
Rancilio Group will welcome visitors to its Coffee House
Rancilio Group joins forces with Aleph Trade at the PIR Moscow 2017 »
Rancilio Group and Aleph Trade look forward to welcoming you to PIR in Moscow from 9 to 12 October 2017
Rancilio Group supports the “STEM Like a Lady” project »
Rancilio Group has chosen to partner "STEM Like a Lady", the project promoted by the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria Alto Milanese (North West Milan Industrial Young Entrepreneurs Confederation) to combat the Gender Gap in STEM professions.
Latte Art Competition "How to win a Rancilio Silvia machine in 3 moves" »
The Latte Art competition organised by Rancilio Group in partnership with Pietro Vannelli
From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 October at HOST MILANO 2017
The Coffee House of Rancilio Group is waiting for you at HOST 2017 »
"Feeling at home". A special home. The quality coffee house brewed by our professional equipment, both of traditional and fully-automatic. Around this important topic we have developed our exhibition space rich of thematic and demo corners. An area projected to welcome our visitors and make them feel as an integral part of our presence at HOST Milan.
The second edition of “Umami Train the Trainers Camp” with the participation of Rancilio Group »
The second edition of "Umami Train the Trainers Camp" has just drawn to a close. This is an outstanding event in the ambit of international training activities on coffee-related topics, through which Umami Area updates authorized trainers of the Specialty Coffee Association.
Opening of Rancilio Group Deutschland in Frankfurt »
Rancilio Group Deutschland: from Weikersheim to Frankfurt for a wider-reaching, more incisive presence
Founded in 2002 in Weikersheim as the Germany-based subsidiary of the Swiss brand Egro, Rancilio Group Deutschland has also been handling sales of the Rancilio range in both Germany and Austria ever since 2008. Thanks to its network of expert specialist dealers, the company is able to dispatch finished products and spare parts from its in-house warehouse promptly and with unrivalled efficiency.
Just a few hours to go before the start of the 2017 edition of the historical cycling race held in commemoration of Antonietto Rancilio, the entrepreneur who passed away in 1983 and, with his eponymous company and the support of brothers Nino and Romano, exported the espresso coffee culture worldwide.
A new partnership in the name of espresso coffee »
Rancilio Group has recently joined the Fórum Cultural del Café, an association founded in 1997 with the aim of encouraging closer contacts among the protagonists of the supply chain to promote coffee culture on the Spanish market.
Milan, food capital with Classe 11  »
The Milano Food City event will run from 4 to 11 May. A week packed with events, meetings and cooking shows in which the Rancilio Group will be taking an active part, in collaboration with Altogo, within the "Coffee and spices cluster" at Palazzo Bovara in the city centre.
The Classe 11 is the official machine of the Spanish Coffee in Good Spirits Championships  »
From 11 to 14 May, the Spanish region of Galicia will come to life with tasting sessions, contests and workshops dedicated to the multifaceted world of coffee, as part of the fourth edition of the Spain Coffee Festival event. This trade fair has been specifically conceived to valorise the artisanal nature of espresso coffee and the most delicious variations on this theme.
The Rancilio Extraction LAB lands in Seattle for SCAA 2017 »
During the trade fair organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, better known as SCAA, scheduled to run from 21 to 23 April 2017 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Rancilio Group has displayed Xcelsius technology for the Temperature Profiling of coffee in an elegant and refined booth, purpose built to house the Extraction LAB format launched in March at the most important European Coffee Festival which was held in London.
The Extraction LAB of Rancilio at the London Coffee Festival 2017  »
All espresso drinks, whether they be a short black, a macchiato, a flat white, a cappuccino, a café creme are built on the quality of the coffee extraction.
Rancilio Group and Microsoft: new innovative synergies »
During the inauguration of the Microsoft Italia headquarters in Milan, an authentic high-tech showcase of excellence, the US colossus gave a first-ever preview of the implementation of Cortana software on the fully automatic Egro ONE machine.
Classe 11 at the 2017 edition of the Trismoka Challenge  »
For the seventh year running, Rancilio Group is to be the official sponsor of the Brescia-based competition open to coffee artists, who will be challenging each other in the preparation of the flavour-packed beverage, delicious cappuccinos and delectable coffee-based beverages of their own invention with the aid of our professional Rancilio Classe 11 machine.
In Hamburg for Internorga 2017  »
The 2017 edition of Germany's leading international trade fair in the food and beverage sector will be held from 17 to 21 March at the Hamburg exhibition centre. Just as we do every year, Rancilio Group will take part in the event through our German subsidiary Rancilio Group Deutschland.
The new Italian Champion Barista 2017 is Francesco Masciullo.  »
The twenty-five year-old took the spotlight in Rimini by presenting a competition concept focused on global warming, a phenomenon that is enormously influencing the world of coffee. In this case, it offers a positive effect, since the higher temperatures give coffee beans entirely new and unprecedented aromas.
Countdown for Sigep Rimini 2017 »
From 21 to 25 January 2017, the Rancilio Group will be present at the Sigep Rimini fair with all of its product technology.
Rancilio Group for a green, sustainable and responsible 2017  »
Can trees save lives? It seems like a vision from a sci-fi movie, but that isn't the case. From a report published by Nature Conservancy, the leading international organisation for safeguarding and conserving the environment, entitled Planting Healthier Air we learn that the only way of lowering pollution worldwide is to plant trees, as many as possible.
Classe 11 reconfirms itself as the official machine of the Italian Barista Championship finals »
It is with great pleasure that we share that Rancilio's Classe 11 has once again been chosen by SCAE Italia as official sponsor of the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Italian Barista Championship.
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