Rancilio Specialty is the Official Sponsor of the Glitter Barista Carnivalito

Meet us in Orange County on 22 February 

The Glitter Barista Carnivalito is one of the independent events for baristas organised by Glitter Cat, a not-for-profit association established by T. Ben Fischer – runner-up at the US Barista Championships 2018 – to support poorly represented or marginalised communities in the coffee trade. Baristas with disabilities, transsexual baristas and transgender baristas are all entitled to dream of qualifying for the finals of the national championship. Glitter Cat was created to encourage the wish of all these baristas, and to increase the number of diversity representatives attending the US Barista Championships circuit. As part of its corporate social responsibility goals, Rancilio Specialty supports and sponsors Glitter Cat’s events to raise awareness, in the coffee world, of themes of individual freedom, favouring the acknowledgement of everybody’s human and civil rights, and opposing all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and all other personal and social conditions. The next meeting with Glitter Cats and to learn more about Rancilio Specialty RS1 is scheduled for Saturday, 22 February in Orange County, California. The motto is always the same: less bitter, more glitter! 

Glitter Cat Carnivalito
Saturday 22 February, from 7 pm to 10 pm
Moongoat Coffee Roaster
1985 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA