Rancilio Group for International Coffee Day

To mark International Coffee Day on 1st October, SCA Italy is organising Coffee Boom. The event will take place across Italy and will see coffee machine manufacturers, roasters and baristas opening their doors and revealing the inner world of the specialty coffee industry. In this way, Coffee Boom aims to raise awareness of the value of coffee and the coffee supply chain, and to champion consumption of specialty coffee.

As a member of SCA Italy, Rancilio Group will be participating in the packed line-up of Coffee Boom events with “A Question of Profiling”, an in-depth panel discussion led by Carles Gonzales, Rancilio Group Coffee Competence Manager. The panel discussion will include coffee tastings and will be a chance for the company to present its vision of how to achieve great quality coffee.


Booking is required for “A Question of Profiling”.


“A Question of Profiling”
Extraction Lab c/o Rancilio Group SpA
Viale della Repubblica 40
Villastanza di Parabiago (Milan)