Fight against pediatric cancer, Rancilio Group together with the Bianca Garavaglia Association for Christmas 2022

As in past years for Christmas, Rancilio Group tries to offer its contribution to initiatives and projects dear to the company, because they are close to the values of solidarity, sustainability and community which are the pillars of our corporate vision. This year we have decided to make this gesture of support for children with cancer and their families.

Every year in Italy more than 2,200 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer. More than 80% today manage to be treated and healed, but unfortunately the number of those who don’t make it is still too high, more than 500 a year.

Since 1987, the Bianca Garavaglia Association has been involved in raising funds for research, treatment and assistance projects in the field of pediatric oncology with particular attention to solid tumors in children and adolescents. The Association works in favor of the Pediatric Oncology Department of the IRCSS Foundation (Italian National Institute of Tumours of Milan), one of the major research and treatment centers in the field of pediatric cancers.

The creation of targeted drugs, less invasive diagnosis and treatment systems, and efficient psychological support can considerably change the experience of young patients and their families at a pivotal moment in their lives.

With this donation, Rancilio Group, together with the Bianca Garavaglia Association, are committed to supporting the implementation of projects with the specific purpose of ensuring a better quality of life and greater chances of recovery for children and adolescents who fall ill with cancer.


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