Rancilio Silvia goes Pro.

Rancilio extends the range of products for the home line launching Silvia Pro, the new prosumer espresso machine designed for all home baristas.

Let’s step back in time for a moment. Rancilio Silvia is the icon model of Rancilio’s Home Line. Presented in 1997, Silvia has counted thousands of admirers over the years, becoming a cult object in kitchens worldwide for its amazing performance. In more than twenty years, Rancilio Silvia has gained a reputation for reliability, and little has changed in this domestic espresso machine, which stands apart for its sleek and simple design. It is still a workhorse espresso machine, ever reliable, simple and effective. This icon model, which has grown into a cult object globally, is now universally recognised as one of the most famous, widely distributed and appreciated espresso machines for domestic use on the market. 

Today, more than twenty years after Silvia’s debut, Rancilio presents Silvia Pro, the new single grouphead espresso machine designed for home. The myth is back in the limelight in a new format, with a series of important novelties. Development on this new product stems from a desire to bring extraction quality to the level of a professional espresso machine to win over even skilled baristas while preserving Silvia’s genuine nature of being an easy to use designer item. 

The machine’s technological heart has been totally revisited. Silvia Pro allows easy and independent regulation of different temperatures for coffee extraction and steam delivery. Two Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers located in the coffee boiler and in the new steam boiler maintain the heat consistent and stable, which is what home baristas demand today. Temperature is simply regulated via two buttons (- and +) on either side of the digital display, which shows the temperature of the boilers on the front of the coffee machine. In addition, the display presents temperature levels, a chronometer for discharge time, and a water tank alert. 

Furthermore, a “wake up” function can switch on the machine automatically. High-quality materials and intensive use resistant components deployed in Silvia Pro derive from Rancilio professional espresso machines: brass dispensing group, ergonomic portafilter with 8 and 16 gr filter baskets, insulated boilers and multi directional stainless steel steam wand, adjustable height cup tray, professional black wood tamper with stainless steel 58 mm flat base. Rancilio commercial components and brewing technology in just 25 cm.

Thermal stability at the top of its product category range, total temperature control, double boilers with PID, quality of materials and resistance of internal components are the characteristics of the new Rancilio Silvia Pro, the espresso machine that defines a new scenario for the home barista, somewhere between the professional world and the home.

Rancilio Silvia Pro is available for dealer’s orders from July 2020. 

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