Rancilio Classe 20 launched with a roadshow in Italy

Rancilio Group is promoting a series of touring events dedicated to coffee roasters, baristas and technical assistance centres.

Over the next weeks, Rancilio Group will travel across Italy to present the Rancilio Classe 20 to its audience of professionals. The roadshow, which started on 14 October in Varese, will journey through the entire peninsula, passing through many Italian cities, including Padua, Genoa, Turin, Rome, Florence and Bari.

All the events, organised with the support of dealer partners who operate in Italy, are led by a Rancilio team and focus on introducing the all-new Classe 20, both the multi-boiler (ASB) version and the version featuring Steady Brew (SB) technology. Besides the overview of the products, each event also includes various practical sessions, both with a professional barista and with a specialised technician.

“All the appropriate anti-COVID measures – face masks, hand sanitiser, equipment sanitisation – have been put in place for the events, and they are open to a limited number of people only. Participation is on a booking-only basis,” says Luca Creti, Rancilio Group’s Sales Director for Italy. “We have split every event into several sessions, and we are only using disposable paper cups in order to ensure the safety of all participants. A special thank you goes to all our dealer partners who have made it possible to organise this roadshow at such a difficult time.”

As for innovations in the field of coffee extraction, a special moment will be dedicated to Steady Brew technology, a feature of the Classe 20 SB. This innovative system ensures excellent temperature control, high thermal stability, precision and repeatability in all working conditions.

“Following WBC procedures, we tested the Steady Brew system in our Extraction Lab,” says Carles Gonzalez, Coffee Competence Manager at Rancilio Group, “and based on the data obtained, we can safely say that this technology provides the best thermal stability of any single-boiler espresso machine available on the market today”.

Presented with the Classe 20 SB, Steady Brew technology has already been installed in the Rancilio Classe 5 and Classe 7. It will become a standard feature in all Rancilio single-boiler machines in the near future.

“With Steady Brew, Rancilio says goodbye to traditional thermosiphon system,” explains Luca Creti. “It is a historic transition, and we are thrilled to be celebrating it with a new Rancilio patent. Once again, we are on the cutting edge of the development of new technologies in our sector”.

All event dates scheduled are currently sold out, and new stops in the Roadshow’s tour will be announced over the next few weeks. To follow the Roadshow and to find out if the next stop will be in your city, follow Rancilio Group’s Facebook page

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