Egro launches Next Touch Coffee

Egro Next Touch Coffee is the new fully automatic coffee machine designed for drip coffee. Next Touch Coffee is equipped with 4 coffee bean hoppers and can be configured with add-on options, business-focused IoT innovations and a wide range of payment systems.

Next Touch Coffee offers fresh drip coffee ground straight from the bean and brewed on demand, in all cup sizes or in carafes. The coffee is always ground and prepared instantly upon order, without any useless waste, to guarantee the unique taste and aroma of each coffee bean in every cup. It is faster than a traditional drip coffee maker, it brews only what you’re selling, with no recovery time, and it guarantees the maximum in terms of variety of coffee drinks with four different base coffees always available and up to 10 customizable coffee blends. Thanks to Multi-Drink software, it’s easy to create any recipe you wish in just a few taps: select your favourite blend or single origin, set the pre-infusion time and choose the desired coffee strength.

The stainless steel dispensing group, with a 22 grams brewing chamber, is the ideal solution to guarantee high quality performance during busy working periods without any recovery time between one preparation and the next. On request, Egro Next Touch Coffee can be fitted out with left side coffee outlet for easy use even with 1-litre carafes and extra large cups. 

The 10.1” HD touchscreen interface is based on the Android operating system. Selecting a drink and managing the machine parameters is easy and intuitive, just like using a smartphone. It is possible to customize each coffee recipe, manage all parameters and cleaning operations with a few taps on the screen. Operators can change wallpaper, add branding imagery, and use promotional videos on the touchscreen. It can also be set up to display useful information about the coffee, such as bean origin and beverage calorie count.

Next Touch Coffee is a practical and convenient solution, reduces labour and maintenance costs and simplifies cleaning operations offering guided daily cleaning and rinsing cycles. All in a space-saving solution with an elegant and refined design: the main unit is 30 centimetres-wide and has the capacity to deliver 200 cups per day. Egro Next Touch Coffee meets the various needs of convenience stores, petrol stations, fast-food and self-service restaurants, and all venues serving drip coffee.

Egro Next Touch Coffee is available for dealer’s orders from July 2020.

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