Rancilio extends the Steady Brew technology to all single boiler espresso machine range

Steady Brew technology

The brand new Rancilio patented thermal control system redesigned the future of the thermosiphon system.

Besides the new Rancilio Classe 20 SB, the Steady Brew technology is now standard on all Rancilio single boiler espresso machine from Classe 5 up to Classe 11.

The Rancilio Steady Brew technology is the evolution of the traditional thermosiphon system and introduces a set of innovative features designed to improve the performance of the whole single boiler espresso machines.

By keeping stable water temperature during extraction, Steady Brew guarantees excellent thermal precision, reliability and maximum repeatability both during work peaks and in low-usage conditions.

The Coffee Competence team of the Extraction Lab has spent more than 3000 hours working with the full Rancilio range to obtain measurable and remarkable results in terms of thermal stability (±1,9°C) on any temperature set by the customer (from 88° to 98°).

Starting from November 2020, Steady Brew is standard on all Rancilio single boiler espresso machine with no price variations.

Steady Brew is available on:

Classe 20 SB (2-3 gr.) – Classe 11 USB (2-3-4 gr.) – Classe 9 USB (2-3-4 gr.) – Classe 9 S (2-3-4 gr.)

Classe 7 USB (2-3 gr.) – Classe 7 S (2-3 gr.) – Classe 5 USB (2-3 gr.- Compact) – Classe 5 S (2-3 gr. – Compact)

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