Founded in 2002 at Weikersheim as the German branch office of the Swiss Egro brand, since 2008 Rancilio Group Deutschland has been engaged in marketing the Rancilio brand on the German and Austrian markets. A rich and innovative product portfolio underlies the success of Rancilio Group Deutschland. Traditional Rancilio coffee machines and super automatic Egro technologies are able to satisfy the highly diversified consumer requirements of the professional hospitality industry, through a qualified network of specialized retailers.
The German training centre provides specifically targeted courses on different levels of intervention to technicians and professional figures in order to guarantee an optimal implementation and use of company products with particular regard to quality and safety issues. Its aim is to simplify and optimize the approach to Egro and Rancilio equipment.
To be constantly on top of innovation, to anticipate end-users’ needs and enhance the promotion of the coffee culture, we constantly seek the contribution of people who make the difference, individuals who deploy their knowhow to enhance the work of our entire Group, thanks to their special personal qualities, values which are fully reflected in the team of the Rancilio Group German branch.
A close bond with customers and an understanding of their special needs, a complete product range of indisputable excellence, high standards of performance and proven reliability are the most important keys to the long-lasting present and future success of Rancilio and its Frankfurt brand.

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