The Rancilio Specialty new website is online

Rancilio Group strengthens its online presence with a new website dedicated to the Rancilio Specialty brand. is the new digital touchpoint for the Rancilio Specialty brand. Consistent with the image and values of the brand, provides users with a showcase entirely given over to RS1, the first espresso coffee machine signed by Rancilio Specialty, and much more besides. This website is designed to buzz with activity, to encourage the exchange and diffusion of original contents dedicated to the world of Specialty Coffee. Its mission is to provide a home for a community of enthusiasts and to create direct links between the company and the baristas’ world.
Linear and elegant, the site is organized by sections and can be browsed through continuous vertical scrolling. This solution facilitates a gradual presentation of the product to customers: from the definition of the brand mission to the description of RS1 through its key features. The possibility to access each section with a single click and the short-cuts provided by the menu simplify the browsing session and optimize the user experience, while also reflecting the user-friendliness characterizing RS1. The downloadable materials – brochures and technical sheets – and the text contents and photographs are always within a click’s reach and the animated contents which enliven the screen during scrolling capture the user’s attention and transform the site into a dynamic and extremely up-to-date web environment.
“We have designed with our customers and the world of Specialty Coffee in mind” declares Francesco Quartuccio, Marketing Director of Rancilio Group. “We have created a virtual forum in which to recount the values and emotions of Rancilio Specialty through product features and, thanks to the new Instagram profile, to build up a community. The website enables us to recount our products in a way that is simple and direct, and allows users to navigate as they please and to find all the contents they seek online. Vertical scrolling makes for faster browsing with space dedicated to detailed information where we describe our cutting-edge extraction technology, the iconic design of RS1 and Rancilio’s 90 years of experience in the business.”
Ranciliospecialty.comis a mobile-friendly website and is optimized for all operating systems.

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