Gary Mehigan partners with Silvia Pro

For the love of coffee – Gary Mehigan partners with Silvia Pro

It’s a good time to be a coffee drinker. Never have the beans been so well-roasted and the baristas been so highly-skilled. For the coffee aficionados among us who prefer a morning brew in the comfort of their home, things are looking equally good. Not only has Rancilio launched one of its most impressive at-home coffee machines ever, but they also have one of Australia’s most famous chefs behind it.

Former MasterChef judge, highly-regarded restaurateur and all-round coffee lover Gary Mehigan joined forces with Rancilio Group Australasia as the ambassador for Silvia PRO, home line coffee machine.

Rancilio has long been regarded as an expert in the coffee machine industry, its Silvia coffee machine enjoying legend-like status. At-home baristas are celebrating the release of a new model, the Silvia Pro. So who better to showcase the incredible attributes of this machine than Gary Mehigan himself?

By all accounts it wasn’t a hard decision for Gary to get behind Rancilio and the new Silvia Pro. A Rancilio Lucy coffee machine has been Gary’s trusty companion for more than 17 years; proving the adage that when you’re onto a good thing, stick to it.

Yes, Gary is well known for making or breaking the dreams of aspiring amateurs on MasterChef and his prominent restaurants Fenix and the Maribyrnong Boathouse. However within the industry he is also known well as a coffee connoisseur. Gary delighted fans and friends early in 2020 when he launched the Gary Mehigan Specialty Range with legendary Melbourne coffee roasters, Veneziano.

With Gary’s latest move everyone at Rancilio is excited to see what he will do with the new star of the show, the Silvia Pro.


The Silvia Pro is the first major model release to hit the market since Moffat Group and Rancilio Group partnered in late 2020 to form Rancilio Group Australasia.

The partnership has allowed two leaders in the foodservice industry to combine their strengths and deliver a new level of product offering and expertise to a global customer base. Now Moffat’s extensive distribution, service and dealer network complements Rancilio’s expertise in the coffee industry. A strategic focus for the partnership has been developing the Rancilio portfolio of products, with the Silvia Pro leading the way.

The Silvia Pro sits at the forefront of exceptional coffee making at home. Like all things that come from Moffat and Rancilio, it encapsulates excellence in design and

functionality – it’s a precision piece of equipment within the beauty of a simple, compact design.

There was obvious demand for the new equipment. Rancilio’s original Silvia coffee machine is still regarded as one of the most innovative and iconic pieces of equipment in the coffee industry and it is still the top-selling selling domestic espresso machine ever.

Delivering the same exceptional performance as its predecessor, the Silvia Pro also comes with a dual boiler, an important feature highlighted during research and development. The addition of dual PID controllers, a digital display and these two independent boilers come together to deliver café-quality espresso from the comfort of home. Semi-automatic dosing delivers the power to brew consistent shots of espresso every time. The dual boiler also gives users the ability to brew coffee and steam milk at the same time.


With experts like Gary Mehigan guiding us towards great coffee we can all relax knowing we don’t have to leave the house to get a great cup.