Rancilio España S.A. was founded in 2004 to strengthen the market presence of the Rancilio brand in the Iberian peninsula. Since then, it has continued to grow year after year, proving that this project, created for the purpose of changing the Group’s market strategies, is a winning one.

The Spanish branch enthusiastically supports coffee roasters, distributors and the new coffee consumption formats that have become popular in the professional hospitality sector in recent years, such as fast food chains, filling stations, coffee shops and cafeterias.

As it works incessantly to ensure a punctual, accurate and complete service throughout its territory, the Spanish branch is characterized by a thorough understanding of its customers’ business and the requirements of the market it operates in.
The underlying philosophy of Rancilio España is that of never leaving our partners without the support they need.

We shall be pleased to answer any possible query or request for information. Our supportiveness towards existing and potential customers is the way in which we ensure our long-lasting success.