Rancilio Group Helps Its Employees Face the Financial Crisis

Rancilio Group has decided to provide the families of employees that are more vulnerable to the financial crisis an additional bonus of €600 in the form of reimbursement of household utilities and food and petrol vouchers in order to help them deal with the current economic situation.

Rancilio Group has always been committed to making a positive contribution to the quality of life, physical and mental wellness, right to safety, and personal and professional development of its employees, creating optimal working conditions and an excellent corporate climate.

Rancilio Group’s employees have a second level supplementary labour contract which, in addition to more favourable conditions than the minimum salary standards dictated by CCNL Metalmeccanica, includes an annual bonus related to corporate performance and parameters of efficiency and quality.

For years the company has collaborated with Metasalute, a supplementary healthcare fund which works alongside the standard national healthcare service to promote prevention and health.

The company canteen provides a service and a space in which to socialize and relax, in addition to a varied menu based on simple and seasonal ingredients.

The Ali Group, of which Rancilio is a member, guarantees access to the MyAliGroup employee benefit website, with more than 200 affiliated partners, special prices, and coupons for home products and recreational activities.

Additionally, through the Intercultural Foundation, the Ali Group finances scholarships in the United States for the children and family members of employees.

2022 also saw the continuation (post-Covid) of remote working, through individual contracts, in order to meet employees’ demands for greater work-life balance.

Rancilio Group’s interest in its employees’ wellness is constant and translates into various initiatives, services, and benefits designed expressly to respond to workers’ specific needs.