Three technological hubs where we develop the traditional and fully-automatic coffee machines of the future.


We craft innovation

We design, manufacture and offer solutions conceived especially for professionals in the field of coffee and for all coffee enthusiasts.


New solutions with cutting-edge technologies.


Digital technologies / Data visualisation

  • 3D prototyping

  • Open Source sharing


2 R&D centres to develop increasingly innovative traditional and super-automatic coffee machines. One Extraction Lab.


Rancilio LAB

The department that develops the new technologies for Rancilio traditional coffee machines


Egro LAB

The department where every new, super-automatic Egro coffee machine begins.


25 people, 2 labs, 46 patents, more than 6% of the revenues devoted to R&D

Extraction LAB

Extraction LAB is the scientific coffee laboratory led by the Rancilio Group Coffee Competence team that promotes research activities and organizes tasting sessions and workshops to examine different espresso coffee extractions exploring temperature profiling and other patented technologies.



Rancilio LAB and Egro LAB departments

Technological innovation plays an essential role in Rancilio Group’s strategy and business model. By exploring new coffee machine solutions, Rancilio and Egro LAB departments merge the expertise of both companies, develop new core technologies and create creating cutting-edge products that can empower customers’ business. The strength of the Labs also lies in long-term partnership with suppliers, premium technologies partners, start-ups and universities.

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