Rancilio Specialty is in Copenhagen for Barista League

Rancilio Specialty is in Copenhagen for Barista League

The most entertaining barista competition in the circuit returns to Europe for a new stage, scheduled for Saturday 17 September in Copenhagen. Rancilio Specialty RS1 will be the official espresso machine of the competition, the star of all the tests involving the preparation of an espresso or cappuccino. The event will be held at the Flere Fugle pastry shop, which is located in an old garage on Rentemestervej, in the heart of Nordvest, an emerging neighbourhood in Copenhagen. Twelve pairs of baristas will compete in 3 quick rounds with games and ability tests related to coffee. There will also be music, this time with DJ Birna Ketilsdóttir Schram making the public and competitors dance. Omar Maagaard Hossain will once again be MC, accompanied for the evening by Aashifa Hussain. The judges for this stage will be: Anne Lunell from Koppi, Jonas Gehl from Prolog Coffee, Gabriella Runesson from Morgon Coffee Roasters, Klaus Thomsen from The Coffee Collective, Ida Steen from Coffemind, and Arne Hanserund from Solberh & Hansen. Everyone is invited, as always. Tickets cost €7 and can be purchased here. The event opens at 6 pm and ends at 11 pm.


Barista League Copenhagen
Saturday, 17 September
from 6 pm to 11 pm
Flere Fugle
Rentemestervej 57
Copenhagen, Denmark

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