Rancilio Specialty is the official sponsor for the Espresso Italiano Champion finals

On 18 and 19 June, Rancilio Specialty invites you to the finals of Espresso Italiano Champion, the official competition promoted by the Istituto Espresso Italiano (IEI), conceived for baristas who want to test themselves with the icons of Italian coffee drinking: the espresso and the cappuccino.

Entrants will have just eleven minutes to show off their skills, assisted by the IEI premium-certified multi-boiler espresso machine, the Rancilio Specialty RS1. Under the watchful eyes of a technical and tasting jury, they will be tasked with presenting four perfect espresso coffees and four perfect cappuccinos, demonstrating speed, technique, and excellent communication skills.

Using the cutting-edge Advanced Temperature Profiling technology and handy double-power steam wand of the RS1, the competing baristas will be able to enhance the flavour of their coffee and make cappuccinos that meet the high quality standards of the IEI.

For many years now, the Espresso Italiano Champion has attracted hundreds of professionals from different countries all over the world, both those with a long-standing coffee tradition and the so-called new markets. Last year, the Korean barista and coffee trainer Song Hye-jin was the first female professional to win the international Espresso Italiano Champion in the finals held at Host Milano.




Espresso Italiano Champion
18–19 June 2024
Caffè Milani
Via Provinciale per Lecco, 811
22030 Lipomo CO


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