Rancilio Specialty RS1 at the Venezuela National Barista Competition

In the heart of Venezuela’s vibrant coffee scene, the National Barista Competition stands as one of the most significant events in the country’s coffee industry. This event celebrates the production, trade, and tasting of exquisite coffee and hosts a fierce competition among talented baristas.

Rancilio Specialty RS1 is the official sponsor of this prestigious event. This cutting-edge multi-boiler coffee machine equipped with Advanced Temperature Profiling technology empowers baristas to extract the intrinsic flavours from each single-origin coffee or blend. By carefully controlling temperature and other variables, RS1 ensures that every cup produced is a masterpiece of flavour and precision.

The Venezuela National Barista Competition semi-finals and finals take place at the “Caracas Quiere Café” from September 29th to October 1st. The 12 passionate contestants will have only 15 minutes to present themselves before a distinguished panel of judges including four sensory judges, a technical judge, and the lead judge.

The winner will represent Venezuela for the first time at the SCA’s World Barista Championships 2024 which will take place in Busan, Korea next May.


Venezuela National Barista Competition
September 29th to October 1st

La Guairita, Caracas 1061

Miranda, Venezuela


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