A Green Attitude for Rancilio Group

For Rancilio Group, 2023 opens in the name of sustainability with the presentation of the Sustainability Paper, a document that summarizes in a simple and agile way the commitments and contributions that the company has made in recent years.

“For years, sustainability has been a fundamental element in the development of our corporate strategy and involves all areas of our business on a global level”   ̶  explains Ruggero Ferrari, CEO of Rancilio Group   ̶ “The Paper, in particular, expresses our natural disposition to give life to initiatives, projects and technologies with respect for the environment and people”.

Rancilio Group thus expresses its commitment to take the first steps towards a circular economy, aware of the impact that global companies can have on society and of the responsibilities that it is imperative they assume in carrying out their economic activities.

Reducing CO2 emissions therefore becomes a priority, from the installation of photovoltaic panels, to the use of completely renewable energies, to smart working as incentive to limit the use of cars, up to the use of electric company vehicles for internal transportation.

The company’s attention also extends to the quality of life and growth of employees by encouraging initiatives aimed at improving their physical and mental well-being.

Rancilio Group has always been committed to the development of green technologies and business processes aimed at continuous improvement, gradually integrating sustainability at all levels.


Download our Sustainability Paper