Egro Milk Systems

Egro offers 4 different systems for the automatic preparation of fresh milk drinks:

Quick Milk, Pro Milk, Top Milk, NMS+. Designed to guarantee the highest quality, reduce consumption and simplify operators’ work, Egro milk systems differ in terms of production capacity and available functions. Discover the solution that best suits your needs.


Quick Milk

Quick Milk is the right choice for those who do not have to manage a heavy workflow and want to offer their customers a menu with the great coffee classics such as cappuccino and latte macchiato. Quick Milk is an intuitive milk system that is easy to use and maintain.



Pro Milk

Pro Milk offers the automatic preparation of hot milk, cold milk and hot cream drinks by adjusting both the temperature and the frothing level. With the Pro Milk system it is easy to program drinks, carry out cleaning and no professional operator training is required.



Top Milk

Top Milk is the ideal solution for all locations with a high consumption of milk-based drinks who want to customise each recipe and offer a complete cafeteria menu. You can adjust the temperature and milk frothing level for each drink and even work with two different types of fresh milk at the same time.




NMS+ is Egro’s most advanced milk system that guarantees the best results in the cup, especially when preparing frothed milk. For each type of drink, it offers the option of adjusting the temperature and frothing level of the milk and choosing between two different types of fresh milk.


Cold Milk Foam (CMF)

The CMF system (optional) is the solution for automatically preparing cold foam for every drink by selecting three different frothing levels via the interface. CMF can only be configured for Top Milk and NMS+ milk systems.

Lactose-Free Milk option

2 types of milk always at your disposal to work simultaneously even with soy milk, oat milk or almond milk. And thanks to this system, you can also offer your customers lactose-free milk, ensuring maximum variety in maximum safety*.

(only with Next NMS+)

*Lactose-free Milk System: < 1g of lactose per 1000 g of ready-to-eat product

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