New RS1 technology to manage pre-infusion and post-infusion

There is some exciting news on the horizon for Rancilio Specialty.


Since its debut, the RS1 espresso machine has offered baristas the ability to regulate different temperature profiles. But in addition to the patented Advanced Temperature Profiling technology, the RS1 now offers a new function that also regulates pre-infusion and post-infusion.

And thanks to the combined action of these regulation technologies, each coffee recipe can be customised, through the precise management of both the temperature and the pressure of the water that reaches and interacts with the coffee puck at each stage of the brewing process. Let’s go into detail and find out how baristas can manage pre-infusion and post-infusion with the Rancilio Specialty RS1 espresso machine and, above all, the benefits offered by this technology designed by Rancilio.

How it works

The barista can vary the water pressure both in the initial stage (pre-infusion) and in the final stage (post-infusion) of the extraction process, choosing between mains pressure or pump pressure, and also adjust the duration of all stages.
Using the touchscreen, both the pre-infusion and post-infusion phases can be activated or deactivated on each group, or you can choose to activate only one of the two functions and regulate the duration of each phase. The pre-infusion and post-infusion parameters and those relating to the temperature profiles can all be managed from a single menu, accessible with a single tap on the touchscreen.

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