Rancilio Group Supports Research in Ovarian Cancer: Fighting the Eighth Cause of Death in the World

Rancilio Group renews its annual commitment at Christmas, with support this year for Fondazione IEO-MONZINO and research in ovarian cancer, the seventh most common cancer in women around the world. With more than 5,000 new cases diagnosed every year just in Italy, and a five-year survival rate less than 50%, ovarian cancer is a pressing oncological challenge.

The lack of early screening and resistance of cancer stem cells contribute to the high mortality rate. Factors such as family history and genetic mutation increase the risk, highlighting the importance of prevention.

Research has focused on important advances in recent years, emphasizing a personalized approach to clinical management. The goal is to improve personalized treatment and explore immunotherapy. At the European Institute of Oncology, patient-specific ‘avatar’ models are developed, promoting more personalized cancer treatment, the prediction of drug responses, and improved understanding of the biology of ovarian cancer.

The donation by Rancilio Group will support this research project, which aims to offer new cures for women affected by this cancer, providing a new tool for upcoming generations. In fact, the contribution aims to reduce the impact of ovarian cancer on the lives of thousands of women in Italy and around the world.



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