Rancilio Specialty and The Barista League head to Brno for the first time

On Friday May 26th Rancilio Specialty and The Barista League are headed to the charming city of Brno, Czech Republic for the first time.

In the cozy and modern space of Industra.Coffee, 12 teams of professional baristas will compete in three exciting challenges around coffee.

Rancilio Specialty single boiler coffee machine Invicta is the official sponsor of the event and will support the participants during their performance thanks to its advanced extraction and steam technology.

The champions will be announced by a jury of four special judges – Aleš Pospíšil, Anička Marková, Karolína Nekvindová and Kateřina Myšková – who will test the contestants’ creativity, execution, and skills during all three rounds.

Guests joining the event will have the chance to taste specialty coffee from the best local roasters, and enjoy music by DJ Omek while cheering for their favourite team.

Tickets available at Tickettailor.com


Barista League Brno
Friday May 26, 2023
From 6pm to 11pm
Bíla budova naproti ZET OFFICE
Lazaretní, za volejbalovým hřištěm 925/9
615 00 Brno-Židenice, Czechia


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@ranciliospecialty #ranciliospecialty


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