The world of fully machines just a click away: the new Egro website is online

Rancilio Group is pleased to announce the launch of the brand new Egro website, an engaging and intuitive digital experience designed specifically for coffee lovers and industry professionals. Presented as a world premiere during HostMilano 2023, the Egro website is the perfect meeting point between cutting-edge coffee technology and customized solutions for your business.

Explore the world of Egro fully automatic machines with incredible details and a wide range of options for every commercial need. From modern coffee shops to office efficiency, the Egro website will guide you through each model, providing comprehensive information and tools to find the perfect solution.

Discover the advanced technical features, ease of use and impeccable aesthetics of each Egro machine. The Egro website thus offers the answers to all questions, a tool for comparing models and a perfect purchasing guide for your business.

Get ready for a new dimension of quality coffee, inspiration and innovation.




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