Innovation is the technological core of the Rancilio Group. Creativity is stimulated in each and every function within our Rancilio and Egro LAB technological poles. An on-going and responsible research process whose priorities consist in caring for people, society and the environment.


The development of reliable, high-performing solutions constitutes a daily challenge and a question of absolute transparency. We deploy resources and technical skills to supply our customers with an optimal added value.

The design planning and processing cycles of our new products and technologies are optimized and rationalized thanks to the use of cutting edge tools.

The computerized simulation of components and assembled elements in three-dimensional virtual environments, the creation of prototypes and models using 3D printers, the scheduling and planning of activities and projects based on an Obeya Room concept, the analysis of market needs and requirements with the Quality Function Deployment method all guarantee rapid and specifically targeted response times.


Investments in research and development play a primary role in the Rancilio Group's growth strategy. Studies carried out for the purpose of constantly improving and extending the company range are mainly focalized on certain aspects of strategic importance with the objective of creating competitive and sustainable products.

The research into innovative materials, also in terms of environmental impact, the reduced energy consumption of machinery and equipment when in use, the identification of solutions that safeguard our customers' health and safety are an integral part of an approach that is increasingly oriented towards social wellbeing and environmental protection.

performing espresso

The Rancilio and Egro LAB departments are manned by a close-knit team who, between them, have all the necessary technical skills to cover the engineering aspects of the professional coffee machine industry. Two excellent organizations engaged in designing and testing the most effective solutions to our customers' global needs.

We of Rancilio Group strongly believe that every grain of coffee has its own particular characteristics, making each mono origin or blended coffee special and unique.

In order to achieve an unmistakable flavour and style, we work with enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail. Our machines enable operators to serve beverages with an unquestionably high cup quality and to achieve results of the highest standards.

Essential characteristics such as the colour of the froth and its texture, the pleasure and complexity of its aroma and the exquisite taste of coffee are held to be factors of the vital importance throughout all phases of analysis and design.


We have developed telemetry and connectivity systems which are extremely efficient and easy to use.  

They provide immediate and truly intuitive connection with the support of a laptop, PC, tablet or Smartphone.

Yet another important step in evolving towards enhanced interaction with the coffee machine, with the ultimate aim of turning it into a winning ally with which to implement an immediate and functional dialogue.

We are firmly convinced that the new IT and communication technologies represent an indispensable factor for market advancement and high class product differentiation.

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