Rancilio Group at the Lisbon Coffee Fest

The Rancilio Group Portugal team will be at the next edition of the Lisbon Coffee Fest, to be held from 25 to 27 March 2022 in at the LX Factory, in the former industrial area of Alcantare.

There is great anticipation for this event which, in addition to hosting the finals of the SCA Barista Championships, offers a full calendar of events with numerous workshops, a competition for roasters and an exhibition dedicated to the history of coffee. The Portuguese public will also be able to discover the latest innovations of the Rancilio Specialty RS1 espresso machine. In addition to the new interface, developed to highlight the main functions of the machine and simplify the barista’s work, the RS1 comes with a new standard technology that allows you to control pre-infusion and post-infusion. This new technology, combined with the Advanced Temperature Profiling already supplied, makes it possible to intervene on both temperature and pressure, the two variables that most influence the result of each coffee extraction. RS1 will be presented in both in stainless steel and black versions, the latter, like white, becoming a standard colour for this product from this year. Kryo Evo OD, the new on-demand version of the grinder from the Rancilio Grindtec line, will also be presented at the Lisbon Coffee Fest.

Lisbon Coffee Fest
25-27 March 2022
XL Factory – Lisbon
Rancilio Group
Booth G4

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