Rancilio Specialty is in Hungary for Barista League Budapest

The Barista League tour stops in Hungary for a new event on Saturday 21 May 2022 at the Flow Coffee Shop & Bistrot in Budapest.

The format remains the same: a combination of huge party and barista competition with plenty of music, fun, and premium coffee. Twelve pairs of amateur baristas compete in a series of fun skills tests with the aid of the RS1 espresso machine from returning event sponsor Rancilio Specialty. The evening is presented by Andrea Fazekas from Ujvaros Bistro. The jury is composed of the most influential names from Budapest’s specialty coffee scene: Anita Nagy-Bertok from Roastar Coffee Company, Marton Lonkai from Steamhouse Cafè, Sabrina Chung from Casino Mocca, Döníz Kiss from the Coffee Educational Center, Ádam Török from Bagira Coffee, and Zoltán Jarjabka from Kék Elefánt Kávézó. There will be music from DJ Bálint Kriska. Friends can be invited and tickets, which are already on sale, can be purchased here.

The party starts at 6pm and the fun won’t stop until 11.

Barista League Budapest
Saturday, 21 May
from 6pm to 11pm

Flow Speciality Coffee Bar & Bistro

Andrássy út 66
Budapest, Hungary


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