Rancilio Specialty RS1: proud sponsor of the Meinl Barista Cup by Julius Meinl

Rancilio Specialty proudly announces its sponsorship of the first Meinl Barista Cup, a prestigious event hosted by Julius Meinl, one of the world’s oldest coffee roasters and a revered Vienna coffee house brand.

Spanning from April to July 2024, the competition will take place across 14 countries, situated in Europe, Asia, and America. Each nation will host its own national competition, and the winners will compete in the Grand Finale set to be held at Julius Meinl’s headquarters in Vienna on September 19th.

Competing baristas will showcase their skills using the SCA-certified RS1 professional espresso machine, providing them with a unique tool to elevate the aromas of each coffee cup. With RS1 Advanced Temperature Profiling Technology, baristas can unlock the intricate flavours and distinct notes of single-origin coffees or blends, ensuring a truly exceptional sensory experience.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with top industry brands as part of our ongoing commitment to innovation. Embracing the latest technology is integral to serving premium coffee experiences.” – states Angelika Galas, Head of Global Academy, Julius Meinl Coffee Group – “By supplying our baristas with the best tools and equipment, we can empower them to deliver excellence in every cup.”

At the Grand Finale, the highest-scoring barista in each category – Espresso, Cappuccino, and Signature Drink – will earn the prestigious opportunity to embark on an exclusive trip to Honduras, where they will discover the vibrant coffee culture and learn about sustainable coffee cultivation practices.



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