Traditional Espresso Machines

Classe 5 ECO USB

Single-boiler espresso machine available in 2 groups compact (2GRC). This version features automatic dosing (USB), and Steady Brew (SB) technology. This version offers energy saving solutions such as insulated boiler and reduced power resistance.

Version Automatic

Technical specifications

  • Standard
  • Optional
  • 611 mm / 24.05 inch
  • 520 mm / 20.47 inch
  • 539 mm / 21.22 inch
  • 55 kg / 121.25 lb
  • Yes
  • 145 mm / 5.70 inch
Brewing technology
  • Steady Brew (SB)

    Rancilio Steady Brew (SB) technology is the evolution of the traditional thermosiphon system and introduces a set of innovative features designed to improve the performance of all single-boiler espresso machines. By keeping the water temperature stable during extraction, Steady Brew guarantees excellent thermal stability, reliability and maximum repeatability, both during busy periods and in low usage conditions. Rancilio Patented Technology.

  • Brass
  • Hot water wand
  • C-lever

    The C-lever steam valve is operated by rotating the knob just 25°. Turning it upwards, the valve stays open. Turning it downwards, the valve opens and automatically closes when released.

  • iSteam

    The iSteam automatic steam wand features two buttons, both of which can be programmed with the following functions: “Cappuccino”, to heat and froth milk, or “Latte”, to heat only.
    Rancilio Patented Technology.

  • Steam wand
Cup warmer
  • Cup warmer

    The cup warmer keeps all espresso and cappuccino cups at the right temperature at all times.

  • On/Off Button
  • 220-240V 50-60Hz
  • Fixed water connection
Hydraulic circuit
  • 5 liter
  • Yes
  • Ergonomic Portafilter

    The chrome-plated brass portafilter, with an ergonomic handle designed to balance the weight, holds coffee filters up to a capacity of 21 g, ensures stability when pressing, and eases wrist movements for the barista. The portafilter handles may be personalized.

  • LED lights
Cleaning & maintenance
  • Easy clean

    Easy Clean manages the cleaning process of the group heads, so it can perform it all automatically. The barista need only start the cycle, and the machine will automatically carry out the washing and rinsing operations.
    For all models (except the Classe 5 units), Easy Clean also allows you to schedule a daily alarm (3 alarms for the Classe 11) to warn the user of the need for a cleaning cycle, set an optional block on the machine in the event of a cleaning cycle, and view the history of all cleaning cycles performed.

  • Hydro Hub
  • USB
Additional Optionals
  • Connect

    Connect is a powerful IoT solution developed by Rancilio Group, to gather and easy analyze all the value relevant data generated by a single coffee machine or an entire fleet. Via a customizable dashboard with widgets, tables and graphs, Connect gives you a ready to use digital toolkit, to monitor key performance parameters in real time and empower your whole coffee business.


  • Pods&Caps

    Thanks to the Pods&Caps kit, all Rancilio espresso machines can be used with coffee pods and capsules (according to available systems).

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