Professional coffee grinder


Smart grinding

The Bond on-demand professional coffee grinder is designed for large international chains and high-consumption establishments that require precision, ease of use, quality and repeatability of coffee recipes. Connected to the coffee machine in real time, the Bond professional coffee grinder automatically adjusts the coffee grinding degree based on the drink preparation time recorded on the machine and automatically recalibrates itself to always dispense the set dose thanks to the advanced XGi system. Bond is designed for all large chains operators, even unskilled, and makes it possible to optimize work times, reduce waste, facilitate maintenance operations and transform quality coffee into a repeatable standard within everyone’s reach.

Commercial coffee grinder – Available in 2 versions


Bond professional coffee grinder Flyer



Real-time dialogue with your coffee machine

Bond professional coffee grinder machine is in constant dialogue with your coffee machine thanks to a practical, safe and always stable cable connection.

Commercial coffee grinder machine with automatic Recalibration

Drink preparation time is transmitted in real time by the espresso coffee machine to the grinder, allowing Bond to automatically readjust the coffee grinding degree for an impeccable result in the cup every time.

Commercial espresso grinder with XGi System

Just set the desired coffee dose once via the practical Touchscreen. Equipped with state-of-the-art software and an integrated load cell, Bond keeps the selected weight unchanged, managing possible variations and guaranteeing a constant quality standard in the cup, even after prolonged use.

Professional coffee grinder with dynamometric tamper

Certified by the MATE body for one million cycles, the integrated dynamometric tamper guarantees uniform and constant pressing of coffee in the filter holder for each dose, single or double, and is essential to guarantee the correct functioning of the system and perfect extraction every time. Bond commercial coffee grinder is also available without integrated dynamometric tamper, a solution that also works with the main automatic tamping systems on the market.

Flat steel burrs

Bond commercial espresso grinder is equipped with 83 mm horizontal flat steel burrs specially designed for heavy use.
The black coating in titanium, aluminium, carbon and nitrogen guarantees a durability 5 times longer than standard burrs, and constant performance.

Clean, Plug and Play

Quickly extract the grinding chamber, easily replace the burrs and connect the grinder to the power supply. Thanks to the plug-and-play technology, this professional coffee grinder is ready for the preparation of the next drink, all without changing the pre-set grinding point.

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