Baby 9


Pods and capsules coffee machine for professional barista

Baby 9 is Rancilio’s response to portioned coffee systems for use in the professional Ho.Re.Ca. trade. A pods and capsule coffee machine of refined design and reduced volumes.

Available in 2 versions

Baby 9 Flyer


Rancilio technology for pods and caps

Baby 9 is able to satisfy the diversified requirements of the catering industry whenever a pod or capsule system is preferred. Throughout the working day, each cup of espresso, from the first to the last, will always be excellent thanks to Baby 9.


Thanks to Pods&Caps, Baby 9 can be adapted to the main pod and capsule systems available on the market.

3-Boiler Technology

The 3-boiler technology (1 steam boiler + 2 coffee boilers) optimises water temperature management for both coffee preparation and steam delivery.

Built-in 4-liter Water Tank – (Tank version only)

Baby 9 is equipped with a built-in 4-liter water tank enabling the barista to load water conveniently by means of an easy access point at the top of the machine. Furthermore, a light indicator warns the operator whenever a refill is needed.

Professional Equipment

Professional water wand and steam wand, control panel of industrial design, ergonomic portafiltera nd highly functional cup tray. Every detail of Baby 9 is reminiscent of Rancilio professional espresso machines.

Energy Saving

The two independent groups may be switched on separately to allow for a considerable saving in energy costs. The barista may decide whether to operate with one or two groups according to the time of day and how busy the venue is.

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